Join the National Call-In Days Against the TPP by Dialing 1-855-856-7545

Call this week 2/8 thru 2/15.  Congress will be voting soon!    Last week, trade ministers gathered in New Zealand to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This week we’re flooding Congress with calls demanding they reject it.   TAKE ACTION NOW: Please call 1-855-856-7545 now and urge Congress to say NO to the job-killing TPP.

The TPP is a back-room deal that was negotiated with the aid of hundreds of corporate lobbyists, while the public and press were barred from even reviewing what was being proposed in our names.  Now that the deal has been signed and the text is public, it’s clear why negotiators kept it secret for so long: the TPP would be a disaster for the economy, the environment, public health and more.   
Among other serious problems, the TPP would make it even easier for big corporations to offshore jobs to countries like Vietnam, where workers are often paid less than 65 cents an hour.  We can’t afford a massive new race-to-the-bottom trade deal that destroys jobs and drives down wages.  The good news is that signing the TPP is not the same as it being ratified by Congress.  If we put enough pressure on our Congress members, the entire thing can still be derailed.  That’s where you come in.
Please call the toll-free number 1-855-856-7545 now to join thousands of others urging Congress to oppose the TPP.  When you call, you’ll hear a short recording with some talking points about the TPP, and you'll then be asked to type in your Zip Code.  From there, you’ll be automatically connected to your U.S. Representative’s office.  Just tell the person who answers this:

“I’m calling to from [CITY/TOWN] to ask my Representative to publicly oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Can I please leave my name and address so that you can let me know their position on the TPP?”

The whole process won’t take much more than 2 minutes — but by joining with so many others across the country, you’ll be helping to flood Congress with calls, ensuring our elected officials get the message that constituents are dead-set against the TPP.

Please join the National Call-In Days this Monday and Tuesday by dialing 1-855-856-7545.  If you’re not able to make a call right now, you can also email your Members of Congress online here.

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