Donate Financially to Elect Democrats and Get Our Message Out

Join Our Presidents Circle

 Join with other strong supporters of our mission in Yamhill           County. Help us reach our Yamhill County communities with our              principle- centered message. 

Join the Presidents Circle Level   of supporters giving from $20 - $100 per month.   

                                                          Other Levels

  •   Builder:   Yamhill County Democrat Builder ($10/month)             Be a grassroots supporter. Strengthen our grassroots infrastructure in preparation for campaigns. 

  •   Member:    Yamhill County Democrat Member ($2/year)  Become a regular annual member to help cover our mailing, website and other basic infrastructure costs.   Support our headquarters, communicate our values, and recruit candidates for office.
  • Contributor:   Other one-time contribution: Other amount

Contributions are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Oregon residents are eligible for up to $50 ($100 per couple) per year Oregon Tax Credit to political parties -- this is is direct tax credit, not an income deduction, so if you give us $50, you can take the $50 directly off your Oregon tax due.