May's Guest Speaker WLsvey Campos from Bus Project

The BUS Project -

Empowering and engaging the next generation of Oregon’s leaders in building a political power to fight for a more just and equitable Oregon. Started in 2002 by young leader determined to make a change to our current political system. They bought a Bus filled with volunteers went around the state helping great people win elections.

A little bit more about WLsvey Campos:

Wlnsvey’s (yes the spelling with the L is correct) first involvement with politics was in her freshman year of college when she joined the Pacific University’s College Democrats of Oregon. That initial step into politics opened up a whole new world. Wlnsvey has interned and worked for several campaigns, served on different boards, and worked for different organizations including Our Oregon and the Oregon Nurses Association. She currently works in the nonprofit sector providing direct services. Wlnsvey is passionate about issues including immigrants’ rights, addressing the homeless crisis, representation inequalities, and access to healthcare. Outside of meetings and work, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, shoe shopping, and hanging out with her 1-year old dog, Herman – who she is so glad to have met through her time in managing a State Representative campaign. Wlnsvey strongly believes in the importance of the presence of youth voices in the political sphere and as such is happy to serve on this board that advocates for a youth-led environment.