Yamhill County Democratic Party Condemns OHCA Scare Tactics in McMinnville

As Democrats, we believe that public funds should be used for the common good.  We support the McMinnville Fire Department and the McMinnville City Council in their decision to pass Ordinance 5909, creating fines for Care Centers who use 911 emergency services for non-emergency calls, which resulted in over $1,000,000 of services provided by taxpayer dollars in 2017.  Private companies should not use public resources to avoid meeting their own obligations.

We condemn the recent signature gathering effort by Oregon Health Care Alliance to repeal Ordinance 5909. Claims that seniors will be discriminated against, taxed, or that Care Centers will need to close if this ordinance is not repealed are scare tactics targeting our seniors needlessly. We urge Democrats not to add their signatures to petitions if approached.