Donate!  Local County parties do not receive funding support from the State or National Democratic Party:  we raise the money we need to impact our county right here in our county.  Donations enable us to conduct outreach to bring in more volunteers and voters, contribute to campaigns, and make a bigger difference in our county. 



We know times are tough right now.  Any donation you can make, in any amount, will be gratefully accepted, and will be used in our work to create a society that is just and fair for all.

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Donation links on this site all send donations to our general fund, which supports all of our efforts including candidate support, voter outreach, and expenses related to our office.  However, if you'd prefer, we are also fundraising specifically for earmarked categories in order to support specific efforts.  If you would like to earmark a donation, these are our current fundraising drives:

  • Office Rent and Utilities - Since we opened our new office on August 24th, we have been thrilled with how much having a physical location has helped coordinate our activities and welcome in candidates, supporters, and community members.  You can contribute to keeping our office open!

  • Security - We take the safety and security of our volunteers very seriously, especially in these tense times.  An earmarked contribution to this category will help fund our ongoing security technology.

  • Postage - During this pandemic, we have restructured our campaign and get out the vote activities to emphasize far less person-to-person contact, and more distanced interactions.  Contributions specifically to our Postage Fund would really help.

If you have any questions or input on these or other donation matters, please reach out to our  Fundraising Chair.



We're also looking for donations of items to use in our new office.  We prioritize our resources to support candidates and pay for hard costs related to Get Out The Vote efforts and our new office.  If you can help by donating any of the items below, this will help preserve our funds for our priority efforts.  If you'd like to donate any of these items, please email

Update:  So far the community response has been phenomenal!  We are so grateful for the support we are receiving from our Yamhill County community.  Thank you!



  • Flatscreen TVs/Monitors

  • Computers (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet) Windows Vista or Newer

  • USB Keyboards and mice

  • Photocopier

  • Ethernet cables (any length and bulk)

  • 2-Line Telephone Sets


Office Equipment


  • Apartment sized standard fridge

  • Wall Clocks

  • Flashlights

  • Bookcases and shelving units

  • Umbrella Holder and Coat/Hat Stand

  • Office chairs

  • Small tables (such as tray tables)

  • Standard 4-drawer Filing Cabinet

  • Standard Guillotine-style Paper Cutter


Office Supplies


  • Stamps (both Forever and Postcard)

  • Command Hanging products

  • Any disinfecting products you can spare

  • Hand Sanitizer


We are always looking for volunteers!  Take a look under the Volunteers tab for a few ways you can help.  If you're able to donate some time, please submit the Volunteer Form, or email