Yamhill County Democrats represent over 19,000 registered Democrats in Yamhill county.

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The mission of the Yamhill County Democrats is to better people’s lives by having a responsible government that works in the common interest. We accomplish this by electing Democrats to offices that represent Yamhill County because we share with them values and principles about the roles of an accountable government, including ensuring fairness and opportunity for all.


Midterm Elections

Nov. 06, 2018

The Yamhill County Democratic Party represents 19,000 registered Democrats in our county.   All decisions are made in the county by elected or appointed PCPs at our monthly Central Committee Meetings.

Join Us!  We meet monthly the 4th Thursday of every month at Golden Valley Brewery in McMinnville.  Arrive at 5:30pm to order dinner, the meeting starts at 6:30.  Questions?  Email our Chair!

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Donate!  Local County parties do not receive funding support from the State or National Democratic Party:  we raise the money we need to impact our county right here in our county.  Pitch in and help us elect Democrats!