Our Office

In August 2020, Yamhill County Democrats made a huge commitment to the growth of our Party in Yamhill County by opening a new office at 1107 NE Baker Street, in the middle of McMinnville.

We're excited by the opportunity this new space offers, but we need volunteer help to keep it open.

COVID-19 concerns have pushed many traditional in-person campaigning, fundraising, and get out the vote efforts into more virtual activities.  Candidates will now have dedicated office space away from their homes for their virtual campaigns, such as distraction-free zoom meetings, conference calls and phone-banking.

Some volunteer activities include greeting visitors, distributing campaign literature, staffing phone banks, pressing campaign buttons, data entry, and selling merchandise--so, we need YOUR help!

If you are willing to sign up for a shift (or more!), please email outreach_chair@ycdemocrats.org, or complete the Volunteer Form and someone will reach out to you.