April's Guest Speaker Yamhill County Commissioner

Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla is this month's speaker. He will be discussing some initiatives he is leading, including Climate Action and discussions on a 5-person Board of Commissioners. As always, Commissioner Kulla is an enthusiastic and lively speaker that you won't want to miss, so be sure to arrive by 6:00 PM!

Considering Resolutions at the County Level

One of the ways that County Parties can influence state and even national politics is through the passing of what are called “Resolutions”. While these votes are non-binding, the passage of resolutions can send a message to other county parties and the state party that can influence decisions at all levels.

At our March meeting, Yamhill County Democrats will be considering three resolutions which were proposed to the Executive Committee this month. Because the Executive Committee has agreed to put these before the general body, no motion will be needed to move for discussion during the meeting.

1) Resolution 2019-001: Campaign Finance

2) Resolution 2019-002: Regarding Leadership and Ineffective Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints in the Oregon Legislature

3) Resolution 2019-003: National Popular Vote

As always, while all meeting attendees are welcome to comment and provide their feedback during discussion, only Elected and Appointed Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) can vote for or against passage of these Resolutions.

What’s a Resolution?

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent by an official body or assembled group; a declaration submitted to an assembly for adoption. All YCD resolutions must be presented in writing, handwritten or verbal resolutions will not be accepted for consideration during meetings. A resolution usually is written  in four parts: a succinct title, a preamble, a resolving clause (or  clauses), and a submission statement. Learn more about creating Resolutions from the DPO.

Our Role in the Democratic Party of Oregon

The Yamhill County Democratic Party represents over 19,000 registered Democrats in our county.  While the party includes all registered Democrats, only elected and appointed Precinct Committee People make up the voting body of the local County Party.

The local county party receives no direct funding from either the Democratic Party of Oregon or the Democratic National Committee; rather, those organizations receive the time and effort of our volunteers as representatives for our community.


Elected Representatives of the County Party act as delegates to the Congressional District (CD1) and to the State (State Central Committee).   They attend meetings and take votes as representatives of the membership of Yamhill County Democrats.

One of the things our elected SCC representatives vote on is leadership of the DPO every 2 years at the reorganization meeting in March. The State Chair and State Vice Chair participate in the DNC; therefore, the DNC is made up of State party representatives, elected by County party delegates representing their individual counties.  

In addition to our Elected Representatives, all members may join Caucuses and Committees within the DPO. Caucuses meet during the quarterly SCC meetings.  Their role is to help shape the party platform and actions, and they have an additional voice to speak about issues that are important to them.  Caucuses also have an additional vote at the SCC. The following are the Caucuses of the DPO:

  • Asian American & Pacific Islanders

  • Black

  • Disability Justice

  • Education

  • Elections Integrity

  • Environmental

  • Gun Owners

  • Health Care

  • Labor

  • Latino

  • Native American

  • Rural

  • Small Business

  • Stonewall (LGBTQ)

  • Veterans

  • Women's

  • Young Democrats of Oregon